Mold-Tek brings a unique blend of talent and frameworks to ensure best possible ROI for clients


We help clients come up with an organizational IT strategy and implementation plan based on a detailed Need-Gap analysis. For every new project or client, we understand

  • The customers business process
  • Existing IT infrastructure
  • Budget for the short & long term
  • Timelines for achieving different goals
  • Stakeholder priorities

Based on this, we recommend the right platform(s) that will benefit the business’ user groups the most. Our delivery process is built to ensure our clients experience no surprises or added costs. We do this through client involvement in the entire decision-making process as well as consistent project resourcing whenever possible.

We believe transparency creates accountability. We remain open and honest about our project approach and processes so that customers know exactly what they are buying. To keep your pulse on the project, we make sure to list down all current tickets front and center. This way, you never have to ask for updates, you can see for yourself through our tools.

Salesforce.com – The world’s #1 Player in hosted CRM space

Salesforce.com is the global leader in enterprise cloud computing. Built as a customer centric model, Salesforce helps companies to connect with customers, partners, and employees in entirely new ways. Due to its multi-tenant architecture, all of it comes with low cost, low risk, and fast results.

  • World’s #1 Sales App
  • World’s #1 customer service App
  • Forbes Magazine’s most innovative company for 4 years in a row
  • 150,000+ successful customers

As a Silver Salesforce partner, Mold-Tek takes pride in delivering results that drive business growth and enhance user adoption. Dispersing data across departments, systems, and individual desktops is one of the most common and vexing challenges that organizations face. This drags down user productivity, process efficiency and customer satisfaction. With over 100 projects executed, knowledge of best practices across various industries & a strong consulting team to understand you better, Mold-Tek doesn’t just implement salesforce.com into your system. Rather, we integrate it with your processes seamlessly and provide continued support. We have an outstanding team of certified architects, developers, consultants and administrators who can mould Salesforce in every way to meet your needs.


Sales Cloud

When it comes to Salesforce Sales Cloud solution, we’ve done it all. We have delivered some pretty high profile, complex Sales Cloud projects over the last few years. Through our sales cloud solution, you can grow your business across defined major metrics by working in the cloud, building mobile capabilities and embedding social networks & communities into the core of your selling tools.

Mold-Tek can truly unlock the potential of Salesforce and deliver the best ROI on your investment by helping you to

  • IEmpower sales team with information from anywhere
  • Provide real- time visibility & actionably fast analytics to mid and top management
  • Boost sales productivity and collaboratively sell as a team
  • Increase close rate of deals through better management and the right information
  • Manage your key accounts better through regular social interaction
  • Align your lead generation and conversion process on a single platform

Service Cloud

Is your customer service built for the social and mobile era? Can your customers connect with you anytime, anywhere? How would it be if your business knows about customers’ likes and dislikes?

Deliver excellence in customer service by enabling your advisors to respond to customers with confidence, on any channel. We live and breathe the Salesforce platform and we know how to empower it to meet the demands of your customer service function.

Enable customer service reps to access customer history, buying patterns & issue logs

Combine analytics to identify buying trends and empower reps to cross-sell products/services

Create rich, vibrant communities where customers help each other and themselves – reducing support costs.

Boost agent productivity, customer retention and customer satisfaction.

Marketing Cloud

Providing a relevant and personalized experience is high on the agenda for marketers wanting to build relationships with their hyper-connected consumers. We make Salesforce.com work for you by integrating with your website & other IT infrastructure and automating lead assignment to your sales, business development, and marketing users instantly.

Whether you are looking to extend your marketing efforts onto Social Media, automate real-time customer journeys or build a single-view of your customers, the Salesforce Marketing Cloud is the platform of choice. Integrate it with countless apps on appexchange or add pardot to seamlessly link lead generation, marketing & sales. We’ll help you to

  • Run different types of campaigns & track the effective ROI.
  • Automated lead assignment work flow
  • Google Adwords integration
  • Track how communities and people are talking about your brand on various social channels.
  • Understand time spent by prospects visiting your website and link it with certain parameters to convert them as leads using Google-analytics

Salesforce platform

Link data from various sources like your websites, internal systems, ERPs or even custom services built on cloud platforms such as Force.com, Amazon Web Services, and Google App Engine on to one single platform and connect through any device using the Salesforce1 platform.

Utilize MOLD-TEK’s technical knowhow to develop a custom cloud application to fit your unique business needs. We design, develop and implement a system that provides strategic value, tangible benefits, and is easily adaptable.

Understand how we built a seamlessly extendable retail execution platform using Salesforce.com as data layer, c# as the business layer and Xamarin as frontend for mobile/tablets using salesforce1 platform.

Salesforce communities

Connecting and collaborating with your employees, customers and partners is the real success factor in today’s connected world. The only means for your employees to connect with anyone from your organization shouldn’t be through e-mail or phone. Empower them with a system to organize themselves.

Online communities are taking center stage and are becoming the new norms and methods of engagement. Salesforce Communities re-imagines every business touch point, connecting your business data with the power of social in a single experience. Customer Communities are used best for service and marketing user cases. Partner Communities are used best for partner and channel management. Employee Communities are best for mobile and social intranets and expert collaboration.


Transform the way your company collects, analyzes, and distributes customer information. Unify datasets from multiple sources into a single view so you can get fast answers and take immediate action. Salesforce has over 1,000,000,000 Application data points; over 2,000 Consulting & Education Data Points and over 500 standard reports built on numerous standard objects. The trick is to select the right implementation partner who can consolidate data, understand stakeholder wise business scenarios and build reports according to the user needs.

Salesforce advanced analytics can give you a complete birds-eye view of the entire organization limiting users to see only what they want to see. The major difference when you start using this is the fact that you take lightning fast decisions based on real-time analytics. This fundamentally transforms your business from being reactive to extremely agile.


Mobility is about going local. Mobility is about being ever-connected. Mobility is about standing out tall.

More than 3/4th of the world’s population is connected through mobile technology. It is established as one of the most disruptive innovations to have transformed the way enterprises do business. It has evolved over the years from merely providing email and connectivity to introducing ground breaking applications and services that brought businesses much closer to the consumer.

Despite offering several advantages, managing enterprise mobility is a complex task. Though most companies have developed customer facing applications,many are yet to build the right strategy to leverage mobile technology in their systems. Hence, mobility based business solutions are the need of the hour and we at Mold-Tek have built expertise in developing them across platforms and integrating with existing entriprise solutions.

  • Get expert guidance on mobile solutions across different platforms. We provide support right from identifying your objectives, product strategy to technology selection and go-to market plan. We will take care of device compatibility & scalability and even provide quick Proof of Concepts before design stage itself

Web Technologies

“Mold-Tek builds reliable, scalable & responsive solutions on the basis of customer’s business needs and vision”

  • If you can imagine a design, we can make it. Our expert team can provide the best user interface and user experience based on your brand and objectives
  • Content Managed websites – Sharepoint, Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Django, Roxen
  • In addition to complete websites, we build quick turnaround - POCs, Click through, Websites, Digital design etc

Hiring the right people can be a difficult task, especially when trying to find someone who is capable of performing well in a fast-paced environment. But with the help of an IT staffing company, such as MoldtekIT, it is easier for companies to find excellent talent and place them in the perfect position for their needs. One of the main challenges in the IT industry is that IT executives need to change their plans constantly, because they don’t know what kind of skillsets they need in their company. What they need is a partner that can provide them with IT staffing services and help them with the HR aspect of it. A partner that can provide them with a recruitment or employment agency will be really beneficial for both parties.

A key component of an IT staffing firm is its ability to find, assess, recruit and place talent with the right set of skillsets to drive their clients’ business objectives. This has been their core focus of our organization right from the inception of it as we have been one of the pioneers in this field. We provide IT staffing solutions for all industries. We are an IT recruitment agency, IT staffing company and much more.

We have the skillset and experience to provide staffing solutions for any business no matter what stage in the development cycle they are in. Our focus is on talent acquisition to the human capital management.

There has been a significant rise in the demand for IT professionals in the US. This has led to the rise of IT staffing companies, IT staffing services and agencies. We provide IT recruitment services and help companies find highly skilled candidates for their open positions. We also provide them with temporary staffing solutions.

The US and India are two IT hubs which are on the rise and we have a jobs-magnet that attracts the best talent. We deliver IT staffing solutions for both US and India.

We have a great recruitment team, with a well-established network of IT professionals. Addressing the IT resource shortage, we provide a solution that is tailored to the needs of our clients. We have a dedicated recruitment team, and we find and hire talent that is local to the client or remote. With our staffing solutions, you will be able to grow your business without worrying about the labor.

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