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Consulting & Implementation

We have worked with clients across verticals to provide top-notch CRM solutions which keep their system alive and kicking. We concentrate on the problems you wish to overcome and help to:

  • Define your CRM vision and road-map.
  • Develop an extensive business case with measurable objectives.
  • Device the entire life cycle of project roll-out.
  • Deliver continuous support post implementation.
  • Drive user adoption through an unbeatable user experience.

We help companies cut on-boarding times, embed training and documentation in the delivered Salesforce.com pages itself and seize control of critical communications to drive new levels of adoption by enhancing the user experience.


We can’t stress on how important training is to the success of your Salesforce environment. Especially for enterprise-level organizations with complex integrated systems, Salesforce training is crucial in making sure everyone is using the system, and working through business processes, as they were. We provide training services to organizations already using Salesforce through either a stakeholder wise approach or a scenario based approach.

We make sure that all training is hands-on and on the live system that they are using. We make sure user groups are trained together in teams in such a way that only relevant features are talked about. We include hands-on sessions and workshops to make it more interactive. Finally, we ensure that it sticks by reinforcing various critical aspects over time through webinars.

Maintenance & Support

We provide complete technical and production support services on salesforce platform with strict SLAs and separate teams – both onsite and offshore as per your requirement. Our support services include – Administrator support, Production support, Reports, Dashboards, Data management and user training. Also, data redundancy and duplicity must be avoided to leverage maximum benefits from any software system. We even remove these errors and ensure proper functioning of deployed orgs as part of annual or monthly maintenance contracts.

Partner with us

Mold-Tek works on various delivery models based on your requirement. We have successfully helped various IT Services companies through each of these models and helped them successfully deliver value to their clients.

We work on tailor made models suiting to your requirements. We can send our resources on-site to represent your organization when consultant interaction with the end client is necessary OR we can build an office away from home with dedicated resources and access controls OR we can work out a combination model that takes the best aspects from both the scenarios by:

  • Building an AGILE core team ready with nurtured Scrum-based practices.
  • Ensuring perfect network & communication protocols.
  • Training the offshore team on your working methods.

The core team will be fixed on your projects and additional team members can be added as and when required.

ODC – Offshore Development Centre

We can build an offshore development and support center for you in our Head Office at Hyderabad, India. These resources will be your extended team reporting directly to your project managers.

An Offshore Development Center (ODC) is engaged for developing, testing and deploying software solutions and applications offshore. This is your dedicated team sitting at an offshore facility with access controls and a unique network for the client. A fixed team of resources work on various client projects and they generally have varied expertise – consulting to IT development and support.

ODC for SF Platinum Partner

YBO – Your Back Office

“A unique business model to achieve 40-50% cost savings and to expand your business offerings” Mold-Tek’s trademark Your Back Office model offers a perfect partnership opportunity to help roll out major projects requiring heavy technical support and strong executing capabilities. The YBO transition model is designed to understand and deliver outputs while following client delivery standards and procedures.

  • Direct benefit to the top line & bottom line
    Based on successful implementations of the YBO concept, it is proven that cost savings of 50% are possible. This results in a definite competitive advantage. Your core team will get freed up and can focus on increasing the top line as well.
  • Flexibility is growth
    A fixed core technical team which becomes the basic skeleton to propel the YBO model is fixed. A flexible team of resources based on client discretion and need level is created for peak and off peak project seasons.
  • No gap between your own technical team and your own back office
    We focus on lessening cultural differences, improving human acquaintance and establishing work practices
  • Transition
    Any successful transition would take time in establishing defined goals and enable clear communication within a business ecosystem. The Mold-Tek YBO model ensures a smooth transition by not only recognizing the business goals but also appreciating the organization’s culture and vision.

Thus, a very adept off shore team that fully understands the project nuances and more importantly your company’s work culture, is formed.

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